What success looks like?

Written by Pollari & Partners

Identifying and communicating what success is and how it looks is believed to be one of the top leadership challenges. It is also one of our top individual challenges. Building a fulfilling life and satisfying career may be a troublesome challenge. We do not devote enough time to figuring out our passions and aspirations. When our career is going well, it does not feel important. And in the opposite situations the need for change exceeds introspection. This claim is supported by many studies, which point out that we spend only 1,5 days per year planning our career. Not much taking into account the fact that we spend nearly one third of our life working.

Success is a difficult matter. It looks different for each one of us. Also, our definition of success changes over time. Sometimes our definition of success is a ready version, chasing somebody else’s version of success. Finding our own success takes self-reflection, self-knowledge and a great deal of courage. But it is rewarding and helps us to build a career that energizes and makes us shine.

You can start by asking yourself:
What does my success look like? And how does it feel like? What matters to me the most? How do I know I have hit on success?

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